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Løv Organic Løv Organic

Our Commitment to Quality

The Løv bird symbolizes our need to protect nature. Our mission is to make every day more beautiful with our teas and organic herbal teas.


A Tin.

Preserve your tea and organic herbal teas in our metal tea tins that are both colorful and designer. They are optimal for storing our blends, ensuring they’ll stay fresh and flavorful. When your tin is empty, it can be recycled or you can purchase a refill bag for your blend. We didn’t forget about those who prefer tea bags, which are made with PLA muslin (an eco-friendly, biodegradable material derived from vegetable sources such as corn) and are packaged in FSC certified cardboard boxes.

  • Recyclable tins

  • PLA muslin tea bags

  • FSC certified cardboard boxes

A Blend.

All of our blends are organic and Ecocert certified. They do not contain any additives, preservatives or GMOs. Our quality control department tests each ingredient and guarantees that our plants can be traced from harvest up to production. The flavoring used in our teas and organic herbal teas are all natural. Therefore, all of our products are naturel, so you won’t find anything artificial!

  • Organic products

  • 100% naturel flavoring

  • Guaranteed traceability

Made in Le Havre, France.

While our plants come from the most prestigious plantations around the world, it’s in our workshop located in Normandie where our products are produced. Every day, in the city of La Havre, our blends are created, packaged and assembled.

  • Made in Le Havre

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