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Lovely Break

3.5 oz tin

Take time out from a hectic day with Løvely Break. This delightful, delicate, organic infusion blends the sweetness of red fruits with the comforting notes of biscuits from your childhood... to create a moment of true relaxation. Its dessert notes and fruity sweetness deliver a delicious cup of loveliness that tastes like a yummy treat. Løvely Break is inspired by “Fika”, the traditional daily break that Swedes enjoy together over a hot drink and a pastry. This naturally theine-free infusion invites you to share a relaxing moment with friends and colleagues - it’s the new tea-time treat! read more


Vegetables and fruits

herbal tea

Drink your greens!

Time for

a Fika Break


Vegetable and fruit herbal tea: a green revolution!


The new year marks a new beginning, and time for resolutions! This year, Løv Organic is going green in our own, special way: a new herbal tea with veggies and fruits that is sure to surprise you! We found our inspiration this time around in the stacks of fruits and vegetables at a local farmers...


When it comes to plants, the more the better


2018 is here! Finally time for good resolutions : the Løv team is getting green! At the office, the Løv is Green, our fruits and veggies herbal tea has already been adopted! We have two more words to add: GO GREEN! Some experts have compiled the multiple benefits of having plants at home, plus ...


Our future cities


For the launch of our new blend : Løv is Green, the team gathered some of the biggest “green” trends happening in our cities ! Did you know that in the year 2050 cities will house six billion people? Whoa, that’s a lot of people! From climate change to melting ice caps, cities are ...


In December, Scandinavia Shines Bright


December in Scandinavia: The days get shorter and the sun sets by 2pm. At home, Scandinavians turn on a multitude of lights (in all shapes and sizes) to beat the winter blues, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Here is the rundown on the best and most beautiful Scandinavian traditions! Sankta...


Løv is Green

Løv is Green

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